Hello Again,  

I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation about your supreme product. I am on board in every way with what you are doing. I have never been so excited about cleaning products until now.

Whenever I would go to the supermarket to purchase cleaning agents (I dislike that word agents) I always unscrew the cap to smell what I am taking home. Very few products have made it through my door, and those that have were mediocre at best. The choices for me were limited and dull.

Then, like the WIZARD OF OZ, from black and white - everything turned into beautiful color with ECOKindess. My house now sings with clean lovely odor that is deep and infused with natural essential oils. I was born to have this heavenly environment.

Thank You from the bottom of my heart. I want to support you and this company in any way I can to bring beauty and balance into everyday life.

- Mary Rose
Basking Ridge, New Jersey

Hello EcoKindness,

I just would like to share my story and to praise your product "EcoKindness…Organic- Natural- Whole Life"

I have been having a lot of trouble sleeping for the past 7 years and this had been adversely affecting many areas of my personal life including my health and well-being. I had major sinus surgery in July 2009 to try and resolve my sleeping issues. Four of my six of my turbinates’ were completely closed off, along with some serious sinus problems. Within a few months after surgery, I was so happy to be able to breathe through my nose, something I could not remember doing. But, within 6 months post-surgery I was back to not being able to breathe through my nostrils most of the time. I did not take the time to deal with the problem again as the surgery was so hard to get through and it was just too overwhelming!

Tired in the morning and tired at night, I decided to share my story with my friend Mr. IngoL. who resides in California, and for a living he is a Holistic Health-care Practitioner, Clinical Nutritionist and Life Coach. Living states apart he started the process to help me get to the bottom of my breathing and the fact I am not sleeping problem, which resulted in long stressful days. Asking question after question…helping me unravel and discover what was going on in my life. Upon a visit from Ingo, he discovered within a very short time that he was overwhelmed with all the toxins in the air in my bedroom!!.

Too many lotions, scents and cleaners, containing petro-chemicals.And also,dust!! The next morning the first thing we did was hit the Whole Foods Market on Highland Drive. We picked up your products EcoKindness Organic Six in One Wonder Spray, Dryer Spray and the Mattress Spray. Ingo was very familiar with all the cleaning product Whole Foods sells, but this was the first time he had seen the EcoKindness Brand and what was so impressive about your product was the fact it is Organic. It is a cleaning, deodorizing, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and antiseptic product made with Pure Essential Oils! After reading about your product on the labels on the back of your bottles, there was no question, your product was the best and so we decided to give them a try.

Ingo and I spent all day cleaning my bedroom, removing non organic products and dusting, to FINALLY be able to clean with your Product. I was so Amazed!! Within 3 days of cleaning my bedroom, I woke up feeling so strange and could not figure out why I felt so GOOD!! I finally realized I COULD BREATHE! This was a major breakthrough for me, and I could still smell your Organic Six in One Wonder Spray! I can Breathe!!

I now use your products to clean my whole house!! The smell after cleaning is INCREDIBLE!! So clean and pure! And as you state on the back of your bottles, you enjoy the health benefits of natural aromatherapy whilst cleaning! Very True. My last visit to California, I brought Ingo several bottles for his use in his home in San Diego.

Also, the three times I have been into Whole Foods to purchase your product the employees rave about you, they have shared with me how nice you are and what a great product you offer!

Please call me or email me if you would like. And thank you again. I wish you and your family Great Success!!!

UPDATE: My son, who is a chronic asthmatic and who has been airlifted twice to Primary Children’s Hospital …well since using EcoKindness products,he now has half as many attacks and requires half the prescribed medication …I am so grateful that I found EcoKindness!!

Thank you so much!!

- Meggi P.
Salt Lake City, Utah


I am thrilled to have found EcoKindness! I love how it is all organic and made from essential oils! I love the concept of hand sanitizers but don’t like actually using them because of the smell or the way they leave my hands feeling. I am so happy to have found this organic hand sanitizer! I love the fact that you can spray it on and it doesn’t leave anything behind but clean, germ free hands! I love knowing that when I use the Six in One cleaner it’s not leaving toxic chemicals behind on the surfaces or in the air. The Mattress spray might just be the best of all! – To use not only in my own home but to take with me to hotels. What a comforting, reassuring feeling!

I can now clean my home and get healthy at the same time! Imagine that! …and it smells soooo GREAT Too! Thank you EcoKindness!!!

- Kathleen Whiting - Director of Marketing and Events
West Jordan Chamber of Commerce (Aka- wife, mother and grandmother)


As a Certified Nutritionist, I have been waiting in great anticipation for a product like EcoKindness to be born. We are all becoming more aware of how much of an adverse effect chlorines; bleaches; ammonias and petro-chemical base cleaners have on our health and wellbeing. EcoKindness products are not only effective in killing germs and cleaning but they are actually therapeutically beneficial to our health as we use them! Imagine that …what a huge breakthrough!!

EcoKindness is now our favorite cleaning product at our home and at work. We exclusively use these products because we want to eliminate harmful chemicals from our family’s life. My wife enjoys the Organic Carpet Spray as it neutralizes odors and she will spot clean what I track in on my shoes …Yea!

I personally believe that EcoKindness will revolutionize the way we clean and kill germs. We no longer need to put up with products that are toxic and which can have drastic, long term detrimental side effects upon our health!

Thank you to EcoKindness for being the first manufacturer to offer my family these wonderful eco-products. Congratulations and the best of luck in the future!


- Dave Card
Owner of Dave’s Health and Nutrition Stores


What a breath of fresh air (literally) are the new EcoKindness products! I’ve now almost tried all of them. The Six in One cleaner is one of my personal favorites and it has the six properties that are found in all of the essential oils combined – anti-fungal; anti-bacterial; antiseptic; anti-viral; anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial!

I use it on almost everything and it makes me feel so good!

Another of my favorites is the organic Dry Cleaning Spray which helps me freshen and clean all of our clothing including silk dresses and skirts, woolen suits; cottons and linens. Simply spray on the garment until damp and then let it air dry …so clean …so fresh …WOW!

I have had a major stain on my mattress for about 10 years now and have tried everything to try and remove it …what a shock to discover that the Dry Cleaning Spray actually removed it almost immediately, with the first application.

As a busy mom and one who is concerned about my family’s health I excitedly endorse the EcoKindness eco-products which not only work really well …BUT IMPROVE MY FAMILY’S HEALTH AS I USE THEM! And to think they are all made with only pure, organic essential oils …How do they do that?

Thank you EcoKindness!

- Theresa C.
SLC, Utah