ecokindness has created a sophisticated range of eco-products, which harness the powerful properties of Organic, Therapeutic Grade, Essential Oils to form impressive cleaning, deodorizing and freshening agents, designed to de-toxify your home and workplace from harmful petro-chemical; ammonia; and chlorine based cleaners.

Each time ecokindness products are used you will also enjoy the positive, therapeutic health & wellness benefits of natural, healthy aromatherapy throughout your home and workplace. ecokindness products are environmentally responsible, and safer for your family and pets. They are never tested on animals. We are confident that our products will exceed your expectations!

  • ecokindness has developed 28 eco-products which are currently offered in Whole Food Markets; ShopRite Supermarkets and many Specialty Natural Stores.
  •  All ecokindness eco-products are plant based, complex formulations containing ~ ZERO TOXINS ~
  • Only Organic 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils sourced from around the world, are infused into each formulation.
  • Purified water is instilled as the carrier and there are no fillers; emulsifiers; colors; scents; preservatives; synthetic fragrances, artificial additives or toxins, used in our formulas.
  • Some ecokindness products contain our Proprietary Blend of Organic Liquid Oil Castile Soap, including organic Olive, Jojoba, Aloe Vera and Coconut oils. This highly effective combination delivers a remarkable boost, of extra grease cutting power.
  • ecokindness products have recently been rated and certified ‘Ultra Green’ (which is the highest rating possible) in the new Eco-Scale™ by Green Seal – an independent group of Environmental Scientists.
  • ecokindness products have been rigorously and independently tested by Nelson Labs, in Utah and found to be: 99.996% effective against E-coli 99.82% effective against Staphylococcus  94.1% effective against Black Mold (Aspergillum).
  • ecokindness eco-products are proudly MADE IN THE USA.

In terms of potency (germ killing effectiveness) and toxicity (harming of one’s health) all household cleaners, may be classified into 3 groups:

  1. 1. Cleaners that are effective in killing germs but are also toxic to humans
  2. 2. Cleaners that are effective in killing germs and do not harm or injure us
  3. 3. Eco-Cleaners that are effective in killing germs and therapeutically benefit our health & well-being

Join the Eco-Revolution! ...Once you try ecokindness you will never feel the same way about those boring old cleaning chores again. In fact you will look forward to your next cleaning mission with great anticipation and delight!

Powerful Cleaners · Glorious Scents · Healthy For You!